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  • Welfare is Our Speciality

    knowledge, skill, patience and love

  • Matan We Care

    The elderly best above all

  • Financing

    Financing of the welfare services

  • Elderly Care

    Consultation to elderly's and families

The Elderly are our Speciality 09-7672345


Care and Welfare takes knowledge, skill and endless love.

We at Matan Welfare Services Ltd. have them all and invite you to benefit from our services.
We provide welfare and nursing services for the elderly, the disabled, children and families.
We find suitable Israeli and foreign homecare specialists, and together with a social worker formulate a fitting program.
We put the elderly above all else with personal, devoted care. Our professional staff supervises the work of the caregivers, guiding them, the patient and the family.
Financing the welfare services assist

The company’s services include:

  • Consultation to the elderly and their families – free!
  • Instruction and assistance in institutional arrangements
  • Instruction in obtaining foreign workers
  •  Instruction in receiving nursing benefits from the National Insurance
  • Placement of qualified homecare specialists in the patient’s home – for those eligible of receiving nursing care from the National Insurance
  • Private supervision of the patient after surgery, in hospital and at home
  • And more

Feel free to call us 09-7672345  or send us a message, we are here to assist you