Our Services

We at Matan Welfare Services Ltd. believe that the elderly, the disabled and children deserve no less than the best, and so provide our clients with a wide range of comprehensive and professional welfare services, all under one roof.

Consultation to the elderly and their families – free:

  • Instruction and assistance in institutional arrangements: homes for the aged, retirement communities, etc.Matan Elderly Welfare Services
  • Instruction in obtaining foreign workers: from arranging a license for employing a foreign worker until placement of the worker.
    The company has developed numerous skills in this field and is in constant contact with potential workers from different countries, to find the best match in mentality and language.
  • Instruction in receiving nursing benefits from the National Insurance Institute

Placement of qualified homecare specialist in the patient’s home

  • Comprehensive diagnostic consultation of the patientand building a treatment program suitable to the patient and his family as well as to the community services (welfare services, health management organizations, etc.)Matam Private Nursing services
  • For those eligible of receiving nursing care from the National Insurance – for personal and environmental care that includes: bathing, dressing, feeding, cleanliness and supervision of the patient, as well as shopping, cooking, support and companionship, getting to and assisting in errands and medical treatment – referral through the National Insurance.
  • Private supervision of the patient after surgery, in hospital and at home – including nights and weekends, by qualified caregivers and nurses.
  • Supplying professionally trained workers to care for the patient in his home and to provide support for the family and children.

Financing guide and assistance

  • Providing services for patients referred by a Guardianship FundMatan Welfare Services
  • Providing services for patients referred by Health Management Organizations
  • Providing treatment for patients referred by the Ministry of Defense
  • Assistance to Holocaust Survivors on receiving their rights through the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims

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